Headphase Studio is an independent video game development team.

Bullshit, we’re a few students trying to make a game.

Foster Powell
Generally known as Jeremy on the internet, but not for any particular reason. Tries to avoid pretension and schoolwork. Works on music, game engine stuff, and scripting. Creator/curator of this blog.
Previous Work:

Willem Hilliard
Likes to smash things, helped come up with the original concept. The two are more related than one might think. Works on models, textures, animations, and pretty much everything else related to art assets.
Previous Work:

Rowan Waring
Has the best PC, does the least work, suggested we actually make a game. Does not accept criticism of his Xbox habits. Plays soccer and juggles or something. Works on (ideally) scripting, music, game/art conceptualization.
Previous Work:
To be added.


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